Knight reluctantly

Once, a knight let me know: "Society of many knights shows that the authorities have not played their roles".

I still silently thank and proud when talking about the hardworking and good coffee knight of his every time working with international friends. I asked about smart agriculture, the farmers couldn't answer forever, but the coffee fields he cultivated were the most productive in the world. I call someone like you a "knight".

In the Central Highlands, his garden reaches 4.5 tons of coffee plus durian income of about 35 million VND per hectare per crop. He uses a water saving system as well as always foresee the weather this year through accumulated experience, tracking information and learning over the past few years.

Unlike many countries, coffee gardens of Vietnamese farmers always grow more shade trees such as durian, avocado or pepper. The multi-tree model with one garden has been practiced in India and Vietnamese farmers have been quick to apply it. And although it is applied later than India, the income from coffee cultivation, which is much more efficient for our farmers.

Few know, for many years, Vietnamese farmers have always sold the world's leading competitive coffee because our productivity is often double or three other countries. "Vietnam is devaluing coffee when it accepts selling at the floor price of world prices, while the price in Indonesia is three times higher," one of my colleagues recently complained. I do not mind, I am secretly happy because it is smart agriculture - the destination of many countries. Sometimes smart agriculture is not the word on the air-conditioned room report, it is how farmers cultivate creativity and understanding on their land.

But apart from the coffee knight, I have many friends who are other knights. They are the silent rescuers of the agricultural products, the fetuses that are about to be demolished by young mothers, or the knights who rob. They had no expertise in becoming a Don Quijote to fight the windmill.

Every year, the agricultural industry also copes with consumption difficulties, such as squeezing lemons and knights. They, students, civil servants or small businesses are willing to spend time, effort, money, buy the same price of farmers and resell at the same price to consumers, go online to mobilize people to support farmers ...

But there are knights I know that don't feel proud. There was a "knight" who told me directly that society does not need knights to be prosperous, stable, where the authorities perform well the role they are paid. So where are the people who are qualified and assigned to deal with these things, leaving spontaneous citizens to do? This question many people have asked, many people have answered. As a result, we still have countless seasonal knights, jumping into things covered by compassion.

A friend of mine wondered why Vietnam did not build B2B electronic trading platforms (business to business) or B2C (business with consumers) for agricultural products like many countries. I have witnessed a regional organization building B2B exchanges for Vietnamese coffee production cooperatives connecting with buyers around the world. As a result, the exchange has almost no operations by "unrequited love". Manufacturers are excited to participate, posting sales information, but buyers are indifferent because they already have familiar supply channels with stable quality and committed price. They do not want to be at risk when choosing a new, unconfirmed supplier of quality, prestige or logistics capabilities when packaging, shipping and exporting.

That is, no matter what the idea, Vietnam's agricultural disease still has to be rooted. Assuming that a modern agricultural product trading floor is opened for Vietnam, will watermelons, garlic, litchi, shrimp and fish meet the criteria for export to European, Japanese and American markets? The answer is almost certainly "no". The rescued agricultural products can only be sold domestically and to the very easy-going market of China through quota trading. Looking ahead, when the country tightens tighter import, the film "rescuing agricultural products" is also thinner.

I love the image of the childhood romantic Don Quijote, but I always hope that our society will be free of knights and Luc Van Tien, because all the authorities are really effective. For example, with agricultural products, it is when the research institutes come up with varieties suitable to the soil, weather and especially market demand; policy makers, agricultural and commercial managers predict the demand for each year, each season and give specific recommendations and guidance to farmers before each crop; functional people know how to connect to appropriate consumption places. And farmers will change their attitude, practice ethical farming, focusing on quality and reputation of the product.

And while still relying on a buyer to wait for the bail to rescue with pity, the pride of a sun and two fogs of production for the whole society will be eroded. Does the day, the knight disappeared, and farmers are confident: Thank you, we do not need rescue!

Tran Ban Hung
Chi tiết

Eat anything

Walking, I suddenly stopped. In the corner of the garden, three baby tigers were soaked in a giant bottle of wine.

That was nearly a dozen years ago, a Thai Binh city man invited me to his farm for dinner. During the journey of sitting with a group of people in a car rolling to Tien Hai, I was very nervous. It is a special honor for a foreigner to join this group, to go out to eat and play tennis.

The car stopped at the end of the road, a magnificent mansion appeared before my eyes, obviously the owner of the house was extremely rich. He took us around a farm tour.

Having fun introducing the garden with three particularly precious tigers, he did not know I looked at him in awe. A morally outdated guy. He didn't understand the consequences of his actions, worse, didn't care and didn't realize my shock. Only one thing I know for sure he cares about: honor.

A boy of about 14 accompanied me, the son of one of the people who attended the dinner that night. I also witnessed the sight of three tigers soaked in alcohol, immediately feeling that something was not right. My eyes are red. The boy whispered to his father, "Daddy, this is not good for me." The father remained silent, turning away, perhaps he did not know what to say.

I looked at the boy, not sure what to do. And this is the problem. Many times in Vietnamese society, when people encounter something wrong, they will pretend to not see or not speak out in opposition.

I admired the boy, saw something wrong and said. On the other hand, I was relieved to think that he could gradually lose that clarity when being flooded with adults who ignored the wrongs in society. One after another silent before the wrong, it would make me very depressed.

I summed up this because after all these years, bad things keep spreading and changing. What will the future be? I don't know either. But one thing I am sure, continuing to eat nearly every animal will lead us to two choices. One is to realize that it is a bad act, harming oneself, one's offspring, and stopping. The second is that we will take consequences, more and more diseases like corona virus attack to teach us the unexpected lesson.

Human ancestors have chosen food for thousands of years. Animals that were edible, safest, most nutritious and easy to raise, least harmful were brought back to the farm. There is a list of domesticated animals that we can eat. On the one hand it provides direct support to the farmers, on the other hand it proves the rationality with nature and humans over thousands of years. Of course, there are sometimes problems with infected animals or unscrupulous people injecting chemicals into meat.

One of humanity's obsessions, the Ebola pandemic originated from wildlife. More than 28,000 people have contracted the disease and more than 11,000 have died. Mouse meat, a favorite dish of many Vietnamese people, has caused "black death" - one of the most devastating epidemics in human history. In the middle of the 14th century, the plague killed about one-third of Europe's population - an estimated 25 million.

In 2002, SARS - the very dangerous virus - originated from people eating civet or bat. And until now, SARS still exists, hide in the fauna of nature and still have the ability to return to the human world at any time. The corona virus, although its origins are not clear enough, is also expected to come from wild animals that are eaten by humans. I see it seems that there is a law of cause-effect here, nature retaliates for the endless greed of man.

Just need everyone to be less greedy, less want to have everything in nature, beautiful trees, beautiful animals, eat all new things because they want to try or have money so they want it all, like the rich man. The other wants to have Son Son in the house. This world and the beings will be greatly relieved. Ask yourself, eating a wild animal, are you happy, healthy, living longer or more respected? There is no evidence yet for that.

I think the reason why many people, especially in Asia, still enjoy eating dogs, cats, civets, pangolins, bats, porcupines, mice, snakes, monkeys ... is because of the education. There is an erroneous idea here, that human life is more precious than animals, so humans are allowed to eat them whenever; or wild meat is more precious and nutritious than ‘ordinary meat’. Not many people fight to the end or speak up.

But the moral lessons sometimes have not been only in the school books. The next generation imitates the previous generation, the grandparents eat, so do we. And another reason, few people have spoken out to prevent these actions, to help people less ugly.

As the world prepares for the bad thing called corona, many people panic about masks. I know many people who have reduced income because of work stoppage, life upside down. So, to help each other, work together to overcome this dark time, choose the better. First, stop eating rare and precious wildlife.

The catalyst for change will come if you are fed up with unethical actions or deadly forms of illness. Don't wait for the deaths of your own relatives, neighbors, we are really startled to think about our stupid behavior.

Jesse Peterson
(Originally in Vietnamese)
Chi tiết

Dragon bread

“I went to the West for business, saw the ripe dragon fruits filled with fields, read the newspaper that farmers could not sell due to corona virus. I thought about trying to make dragon fruit bread. ”

That is the confession of Kao Sieu Luc - a person long known as the "Bread King" of Saigon. Perhaps in this world, no one has made dragon fruit bread.

Late last Saturday afternoon, I received a strange gift: Two thick white solemn cardboard boxes, delivered by assistant Kao Sieu Luc to the door. The assistant said: "Humming, seeing the situation of dragon fruit is difficult, Mr. Luc focused on researching and decided to experiment with that dragon fruit. This is the first batch of cakes".

I held the yellow loaf of bread, still hot, in tears. Share with some people in the house to try it. Familiar bread has tiny black seeds, a little aroma of fruit. The crust is crispy, spongy, the intestines are very flexible, fragrant, dotted with tiny particles of dragon fruit as sprinkle with black sesame. The bread taste is not sour or sweet, the smell and taste are very good. I thought to myself, today there is a trip to Can Tho to visit the culinary artisans at the beginning of the year, I must bring it to show off.

He decided to do it and also introduced the extensive way to have more bakeries to buy more dragon fruits for farmers. It was fun and unexpected that his actions were very interesting and positive by many people.

Durian, sweet potato, bird's nest, jelly are about to sign a protocol to export official quotas to China in 2020, now they have to stop because China has plague, let alone export non-quota exports. Dragon fruits are the most difficult, then jackfruit, durian, longan ...

In the midst of the plague of agricultural products due to the plague of the disease, the "Bread King" has come to the rescue of agricultural products in his specialty to increase the added value of this rich and rich indigenous resource. by processing. The creative way of entry with a decisive, quick, wrapped heart of love and quietly sharing difficulties with farmers has inspired many other professionals.

"Last year, there was a program to rescue dragon fruits in the early summer, I bought about 150kg to make wine. This year, dragon fruits were saved earlier because of the epidemic, so even though they were busy, they spent two days to handle more than 200 kg", culinary artist Bui Suong told me. She said, "I love my peasant friend so much".

In fact, while the fruit was heavily congested at the border gate, the local authorities wanted to intervene to support and it was not easy. I attended two meetings of the two Departments of Industry and Trade and found that the situation was very strict in that, in addition to the supermarket bought by the movement, enthusiastic processing enterprises were also difficult to participate in the end because they did not have a ready market. can not consume processed fruits that can only process, process with very soft price, even help does not. Intervening in the middle, there is only one way is to convince consumers to "respect", buy and eat.

This year, a number of young people, according to their expertise, quickly found a way to "rescue" farmers. Hiep Thanh Company often sells micro-fertilizers to farmers who have a quick solution, survey the current situation and needs in Long An, from there, analyze for farmers the situation, advise on how to take care, create fruits later rather than leaving them ripe or removed. Farmers will harvest and nourish the trees and ask the Vietnam High Quality Business Association to connect processors and distributors.

As for the farmer Nguyen Lam Vien, who has directly cultivated, purchased, and processed products of farmers for decades, he is also discussing with his friends to implement a solution that, according to him, is the basis, from the corner. agribusiness, both domestic and export markets. According to him, the problem of the current agricultural business is that the preservation and processing stages are still weak.

Mr. Vien proposed that each province set up a center for classifying, preserving, preliminarily processing and processing key agricultural products of its province. If you want to trade with Chinese people, you should set up a trading company to deal with them. Trading companies have capital, market information, and negotiation skills will negotiate on behalf of farmers to buy, predict problems and risks. Absolutely should not let traders in China or other countries arbitrarily come to the garden, meet farmers, give virtual prices that make farmers gullible, wait for prices and then be forced, deceived. When they "disappear" then, if they want to help farmers, the government can only intervene at the "tops" very late.

People of a trading company who know the quality of the fruit they will sell or order will also have a way to guide farmers to change their current precarious, adventurous ways. They will also know how to organize the preliminary processing and then resell it on demand, and of course get the price, to the processing companies. Whoever does it. Difficulties are full but with the right way, the authorities and businessmen and farmers agree to raise the value of agricultural products gradually. When prices are good, Chinese traders are not overturned, they will change themselves and change.

This view only dares to discuss the current story of "rescuing" agricultural products with the mind of some entrepreneurs, while "rescuing" the agriculture that is gradually in the direction of "outsourcing", it must be a Other system solutions. And no matter what, the most important thing is not to change the seeds, renovate the fields, fix each specific policy, but rather replace the head for agricultural economics.

Vu Kim Hanh
Chi tiết

If love falls down

I want to tell you about an anonymous love story, let you believe with me that love is absolutely true in the world.

In 2017, I found a character for my talk with the topic "Virtual Love". Despite calling "Virtual Love", couples get acquainted and fall in love with each other online, but passion and pain are real. I needed a courageous and fierce female character to step out of the chat window to start dating in real life, and she received a truly worthy love. In many self-referral messages sent, there are Th.

Th. 'S love, as she tells it, is this: Me and my current friend are acquainted online. We meet after two weeks of chatting. I think many people don't believe in love at first sight, but I do. The first day I met him in real life, he walked up to say hello and I walked up to hug him. I loved him from then on. I love you so much.

We have known each other for 1.5 years. Love is far away again. I'm Sài Gòn, photo of Mui Ne. We also have no intention of getting married. Just love is love only. Sometimes I think I don't know when I'm tired, but I still haven't seen anything. Quarreled so much, broke up dozens of times ... then reconciled, hugged again. Children temperament, like what they do; He still looks mature, but he is hot-tempered, he scolds me very much. Photos have a lot of joy. As for you, life is a lot of worries. Just, whatever they carve, they need to hug and hug. I love him. Photos love you.

I think our story is beautiful. It is said that love is married. And I think love is just love, not necessarily married. I remember at two in the morning, it's cold, he held my hand across the park to find a place to stay. Sister, that I feel warm and absolutely confident picture. Being with him is never enough. We are still in love, I'm so grateful.

Do Th. in Sài Gòn so I couldn't invite her to join the program. I still hold the joy of knowing a beautiful love story. Even once, on the sidewalk, seeing a couple kissing under the street light, I kept thinking that it must be Th. and so would her boyfriend if I met him in real life - drunk and shining.

Go away, until early February of this year. I shared on the personal page the love letter of the philosopher André Gorz to his beloved wife, when she was 82 years old and spent years fighting cancer. That woman still welcomes life day by day with a hopeful heart. That loving and grateful love letter reminded Th. something, the young girl reappeared with the message: "Do you miss me? the girl has a boyfriend who is acquainted online and doesn't mind getting married. I wrote you something like this ..."

I remember, I texted Th. more than two years ago, "I wish you all the best together. Holding and hugging is a miracle."

Th. Tell what happened to her: "We will marry at the end of the year. But my boyfriend is gone. Suddenly lost. And as a great blessing, he died in my arms, while sleeping. In the last moments, how shaky I was next to him.

And really, despite my brief love, I was very happy. Understand another way, we have been together all the way. I'm so sad, sister. I miss my photos so much ".

I was shocked. How is that possible? A person must leave when they are in the brilliant years of life is extremely unreasonable. Boyfriend Th. had not been out in 49 days according to Vietnamese calculation. "He is a foreigner. I and my close friends drop him in Mui Ne beach, where he likes. Now he is" out to sea. "I hope he will be safe. I am still sad, but try to live well. Born. In the past, my friend was very optimistic and strong, so I will try. I also hope he goes to visit his mother, or go somewhere, and sometimes come back to hug me. " Th said that, she will one day appointment, when the heart is sunny, will send me a message of joy and peace of mind.

I don't know which day it was, when it came, because I didn't have any knowledge to measure the size of the pain Th. Is going through. But I'm sure the warm sunshine will return to Th. when I understand that it is my responsibility to live a happy life. My lover always wanted that. When we truly love someone, we expect them to be happy, and we try to live better than ourselves yesterday.

If you look, you will recognize the love present everywhere on the earth: on a bus, in a coffee shop, on the street, in the shabby inns, romantic roads and full of freedom, in a dark place or full of light ... Behind each love story are lives that have changed, received grace, or sadness. But even if we knew in advance that love would cause suffering, no one in this world could deny Cupid's arrow, because love comes to us as the most beautiful and wonderful gift. The gift that the recipient and the giver both find their life truly alive. I earnestly every moment of this life.

However, there are many who say that they experience a lot of "akin to love" relationships, which is followed by tiredness, humiliation, and lasting injuries; or they click their tongues into a permissive affection to later feel wasted. An old musician on the "disbelieving side of love" side told me that often people love each other for reasons other than love. Love each other just because love is rare. There are people who have never been in luck all their life Even those who are fortunate, sometimes only realize the true value of pure love, realize how saved they were at the time they had to experience bitterness and loss.

The girl is losing me. Do you know? God gives us memories so we have a commission in the cold December. I still have the rose as a saving. If love descends upon our life as a thin butterfly, from which we have eternal experience in our finite existence. And I keep on believing, love has superhuman energy, turning a boring life into a magical and splendid fairy garden, even when we have to bring pain.

Nguyen Quynh Huong
Chi tiết

Businessman epidemic era

Kindness is not instinct but choice. Choosing to be kind in times of rebellion is not easy.

Naturally, when there is a pandemic crisis, the economy will be affected first, and in the economy, entrepreneurs, business owners will be the first to suffer, then the people labor.

My friends in the business world, many people now put the whole business in a state of "hibernation", lie still, do not move, breathe very quietly to save energy. There she called sadness, meeting in Europe meeting schedule was fixed, we flew to take place but partners find every reason to delay not meeting. One reason after another. Finally, they should have feared that they were flying over from an epidemic area, so they did not want to meet. The whole team must eventually return to zero. Her company in the country has a schedule of experts to train, train, and transfer technology, but now they give up and cancel. No expert wants to go to the country, but when they return, they are forced to isolate the community for 14 days. The agency meetings, the annual customer conferences, staff meetings, annual training, all are canceled and postponed indefinitely.

Analysts believe that of the 23 economic sectors listed on the stock market, only 4 are less affected, even positive, pharmaceutical, electricity, clean water and information technology. believe. On the contrary, up to 10 industries are moderately affected and 9 sectors are deeply affected.

The first affected industries are services, tourism, hotels, food and beverage, transportation and transportation, and then the manufacturing, processing and manufacturing industries. The hotel is deserted, where unfortunately, it becomes a quarantine area for patients, the restaurant is empty, empty, the seller is watching each other yawning and yawning, the plane has only a few passengers on a flight. carrying capacity for hundreds of people.

But the nature of entrepreneur is very quick, good at turning around. Therefore, when the environment changes, their brains and senses immediately signal, search, sniff out the opportunities that exist, even develop on the sudden change.

That explains that the cafes sell more water to wash their hands and masks, the restaurants are promoting more side dishes, sometimes promoting the main dish to draw customers to, there are more seafood restaurant for promotion. whole salmon four dishes, if you set a table of 5 people.

Some pharmacies have started to wash their hands, masks sold to increase prices to make a profit, people come to the drugstores to buy high prices, turned out not to buy, there was a network of unofficially provided heaven and earth. dedicated service from all kinds of handwashing liquid, strange masks, never heard of the famous popular type.

This is when the supernatural stories are brought out from not letting the throat dry, drinking abc water, avoiding the virus to the superhuman xyz herbs to improve the immune system. Telling thrilling, high-contrast, introductory and sometimes unprecedented endings, but with a great deal of trust from users, the product has always been the specialty of businessmen but disease crisis, this gift is maximized. Europe is also the measures to improve the immunity of their trades to survive. But in fact most of those jobs were harshly condemned.

So, what is the border between doing business based on acceptable environmental change and excessive profit-taking actions based on circumstances? That is where business ethics reign. You create added value for products and services to bring customers to you very differently than you create every way including spreading false information to create fear to force customers to come to you and then hoard the goods, push the price for profit. That is immoral action.

But in the pandemic there are other classes of entrepreneurs, there are people who even forget that they are entrepreneurs to do what they say are "carrying prisons and sums". One of my friends in the first two weeks of the disease, he collected tens of thousands of masks for free to the people, another friend who just opened a pharmaceutical factory immediately moved the whole line. production of hand sanitizer to provide free distribution. When we came to the issue of buying free hand sanitizer, he said we did not pay for the material but were too tight to cover the bottle. So we turned all around to find the bottles, because the border was closed, the supply of plastic bottles from China was virtually stopped, but luckily we finally managed to turn around. Sweating the sweat flowing down his face in the middle of the cold winter day, he smiled brightly, now only hoping the "guy" of the winery does not die suddenly and his brothers finish their work for everyone.

Having a friend in the media industry, he stood up to create a group of friends to fight against fake news on social networks. Linked to a journalist who has now moved to work in the media department of the Ministry of Health, all the latest and most timely information has been transferred to the prestigious brothers on social media network. promptly to the community. Do not let fake news confuse people.

And the publisher has released a virus prevention manual, a digital version that can be shared with everyone, completely free of charge. They keep rushing forward as if behind them is not their business with hundreds of people also need to eat, need to live, need income, as if they are social workers only have to back to work. for the community.

A lot of other people consider that not doing work of unkindness, sharing with each other and spreading only kindness and optimism is a contribution. My friend, who flies a lot in business class, gave me a big, sympathetic smile when the flight attendant had only one bottle of water and a wet towel. times instead of a hearty meal like always. Friends and suppliers all voluntarily discounted and shared difficulties with the affected service industries. A tourist company specializing in taking tourists on Ha Long Bay, the number of international tourists suddenly decreased by 60%, the brothers before Tet are profitable, now a loss. Luckily, the ship owner voluntarily discounted more than 50% for the charter company. He said it's difficult for me, I am difficult, we share to overcome this moment.

Kindness is the choice. And those who have chosen self-deprecation never consider the worms that sorrow the soup, the worms choose to stand on the other side of kindness (and in the end, these people are not worthy of being called entrepreneurs). , cannot be considered businessmen). They know how to overcome difficulties sometimes when they forget about themselves and personal circumstances. And so they are businessmen, entrepreneurs of the epidemic era.

Pham Vu Tung
Chi tiết

Unexpected vacation

During the past weeks, social media has been fueling a debate about whether or not students should stop school to avoid the epidemic. "Join the war" consists of two main factions: the one who can look after the children and the one who has no one to look after.

In my area, each person has a scene. Hoai works at Dat Cuoc industrial park, Binh Duong. At 6 pm, she rode the motorbike all the way back to her grandmother's house to pick up her child. Her mother was normally unwell and had to look after her two grandchildren, now her father is three more. Ms. Thanh is an accountant at a gas station. For the past two weeks, she had to take two daughters to work every day from seven in the morning, while looking after her children at the same time. Fortunately, the boss also sympathized. There is no gas station area uncomfortable for children, no play area, no place to nap, the two children are haggard, tired, not as refreshing as the time when picking up from the teacher.

Ms. Thanh and Ms. Hoai also have foster grandparents or can take their children to work, An's family does not have both options. They have to take turns taking unpaid leave to keep the two children. They are just three of the families around me, with millions of other families with school-age children going through stressful and tiring days. There are people who can arrange, but there are also really difficult families, especially the parents who are workers or in concentrated environments, business services, administrative work ... Having turned off in the company, only the school is the only place to trust to send children, now more and more urgent.

Opponents to the holiday said: "Well, whatever, tired, poor, but children safe." Someone said the amount of knowledge a given school year, before the next school, "nothing to twist". There are also parents who take the surprise vacation as an opportunity to get close to their children despite a significant reduction in income. "Children grow up very quickly, a few years to play they do not even bother," a mother said. But there were also many who strongly protested against the record-breaking New Year holiday, when the life was passive and upside down, "teachers are still on pay, and my children are left unattended."

As both a teacher and a parent of preschool children, like many other parents, I also breathless. I let the four-year-old boy go to the meeting hall, make records, and work with colleagues on the school, cleaning, disinfecting the school. We know that after this vacation, the work will be twice as hard when students forget a lot of knowledge. Taking too long breaks makes it difficult for children to resume their study, the time for make up will be very hard for both teachers and students if the school year lasts until June or July because of the hot weather. Imagine that the normal classroom building that had been caught in the intense sunlight would be even more terrible in the summer, I felt great.

With this school year, being suddenly caught in an unexpected vacation will surely make parents, teachers and students more difficult. Not to mention other effects. My cousin Quynh, a teacher of a private preschool, is facing the risk of unemployment. The owner of the school said that he could not afford the cost of the premises and taxes while not having any revenue, so the teacher had to take some time off. And there are many private schools, young private groups are looking to transfer to end losses.

Even in a group rescuing vegetables online, I thought it was irrelevant, but I found out that this vegetable was grown by a farmer who specializes in providing meals for schools, closing hours, dull vegetables. , you are threatened with losing all your capital. Fortunately, I see people buying a lot of support.

The lives of millions of families have been and will be greatly reversed during this "record Tet holiday" this year. More tired, more expensive is inevitable.

The debate will continue, but I understand the reason for the decision to leave school. We adults, even out of the house, have a sense of self-defense for ourselves and our family. Students are different, preschool and elementary children are too small, unable to ensure safety in the environment of eating, sharing, sleeping together. Middle and high school students are very active, naughty and even reckless according to their age psychology, how to ban them from communicating and chatting? How to make them always stand one to two meters apart? College students come from many regions, moving a lot is also at risk. And more importantly, going to school with the psychology of fear will certainly reduce the effectiveness of the study. There is no perfect solution for everyone at the moment.

The question that I, as a teacher, is getting a lot at this moment: Does the long break between long and long nights affect children in general and students at all levels?

I think the influence is inevitable, because the sudden and long interruption of knowledge will make both teachers and students very hard when returning to school, rummaging through memory and words. Moreover, the summer climate in our country is too hot and dry, easily tired, not suitable for studying. Not to mention the mentality of summer holidays that will make students forget about the book lights. However, we told each other, the problem can be solved. To avoid students forgetting knowledge, some schools now use online teaching. Teachers hand over papers to students and accept online submission. Students and teachers in many places still stay connected through groups.

What worries many people is the important exam at the end of the year or transition, especially the national high school exam. But if the Education Department had a plan to extend the school year, they would have a plan to delay the time to organize exams to match the academic progress. I believe any difficulty can be overcome, only the human being is the most important factor. Learning is an endless journey, as long as we are healthy, we have a life to learn. Because all we need is the quality of education, health and lives of millions of students, not any other achievement.

But there are other questions we and our parents cannot answer. It is a school sanitation problem. After the epidemic, did the status quo change? The bottles of disinfectant water, handwash, or masks will be removed when the disease worries subside, and the school is safe enough for children? Are meals safe and safer? Toilets have adequate soap and toilet paper as well as convenient water for them when many schools normally do not meet this criterion; Is the classroom more sterile with the risk of disease? Has school health been improved? Time to return to school may be appropriate for managers to think about these questions.

I just laughed at the state that my students wrote: "The first time history witnessed students begging to go to school", "please send us to school" ... I, like you, missed. school, miss class, crave to meet familiar faces.

Pham Minh Phuong Hang
Chi tiết

Bread story

When my grandmother made catfish in a clay pot in the United States many years ago, the neighbors unfortunately called the fire department.

The smell and pungent cooking made our neighbors worry. They complained to the authorities about "some toxic smells". My family had to apologize, pledging to close the window whenever Grandma wanted to prepare some Vietnamese food in her original style.

My family moved from Vietnam to live in San Francisco, USA many years ago. When I was just over 10 years old, I was under pressure to "Americanize" when I left my home country, adapting to another country - where we are a minority. The cuisine has connected us to the old country.

Many years passed. Grandma is no more. But I can be confident that, if she knew, it would be very proud that some Vietnamese American dishes once considered "toxic" have become classics in the world today. Bread is such a "legend". Many Vietnamese could not imagine a day of Vietnamese-style sandwiches accepted by the whole world as great delicacies. A few years ago, I did my own survey in the US, Australia and Asia to discover Vietnamese bread.

In 1980, a man named Le Van Ba ​​and his sons parked their food cart in front of a computer factory in Silicon Valley, USA. At first, he only targeted Vietnamese customers who could not go far or pay much money for lunch. Mr. Ba, who used to be a wealthy sugar business trader before April 30, 1975 in Saigon, sold the cheapest goods in the market, including Vietnamese bread. Thanks to that, not long after, non-Vietnamese people and students in the area also came to enjoy.

By 1983, the sons of Mr. Ba, Chieu and Henry, upgraded the bakery truck into Lee Bros. Food and Beverage Company. Lee is an American surname Le, which today has more than 500 food vans serving northern California. The company also opened fast-food brand Lee's Sandwiches with dozens of sandwich shops from San Francisco to Houston and recently to Taipei.

When Mr. Ba died, San Jose Mercury News called him Ray Kroc of Vietnamese bread. Ray Kroc is the nickname of the person most credited with making McDonald’s the world's most successful fast food brand.

The Vietnamese bread fever in the US has created an author specializing in it, Andrea Nguyen. She lives in northern California and is the owner of a blog specializing in discovering and introducing traditional cuisine of Vietnam and Asia in general. She has published "Bread Handbook: The secret of the delicious Vietnamese style bread". It is on the list of "Best Cooking Book of 2014" by National Public Radio.

"Vietnamese bread brings a lot of richness at the same time," Andrea shared with me, "the crispy crust of the crust, the fat of the mayo and meat sauce, the crunchy force of pickles, the pungency of chili and the fresh taste of cucumber and vegetables ". Andrea pointed out the fascinating blend of breads from which it became friendly and easily accepted. "Bread is close, not too strange for new to taste," she said, "Vietnamese cuisine is a combination of East and Southeast Asia, South Asia and the West. In which, bread is a perfect representation ".

Also on my journey to discover bread, I talked to Pauline Nguyen in Australia, the author of the cookbook and the owner of Red Lantern - the leading Vietnamese restaurant in Sydney. "To be frank, the traditional French bread with cold meat, cheese, can add a little bit of pickled cucumber, not comparable to Vietnamese bread," she said, "there is a harmony between the sweetness and sweetness. and the roasted vegetables, the spicyness of the chili, the richness of the pâté or the mayonnaise, along with the richness of the frozen pork, the aroma of cilantro and scallions, and of course the crunchy sensation of the crust. " Biting into a piece of bread stacked with many layers of ingredients is a great experience.

Since the end of the Vietnam War, in the last 45 years, Vietnamese people have shared a lot of their culture with the outside world, including their homeland bread. Today, bread has spread from Vietnam to California, and from here spread across the planet. Every North American city now has a store or bakery chain: Saigon Bread in New York, Bun Mee in San Francisco, BONMi in Washington DC, Banh Mi Ba Get in Chicago, Bread Boys in Toronto. Bread carts are available at fairs from San Diego to Boston. And Yum! Brands - the parent company of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut - has opened a fast-food restaurant called Banh Shop in Dallas.

Further afield, south of the Mexican city border, there is a bright red and yellow bread, Ñham Ñham. In addition, bakeries and chain stores are sprouting everywhere. In London there are Tails !, Banhmei11, and next to St. Church. Paul has Banh Mi Bay. Chen among brands in Shanghai has Mr. V with Obscene Double Triple - a type of bread served with sausage, sausage, and peppercorn meat. Coming to Singapore, people can try Bread 888. And in the middle of one of Tokyo's busiest places, one can still find a shop called simply Sandwich.

The origin of the bread, as its shape suggests, is certainly from France. The French came to Vietnam initially as missionaries in the 17th century and imposed colonial policy on Vietnam in 1887, along with the formation of a cluster of three Indochinese countries. The French brought their language and food, including bread, each oblong-shaped loaf that was common in France. Growing up in Hanoi, my grandmother called it "Western bread", which means bread made in the Western style. By the 1950s, the Vietnamese gradually changed it towards Vietnamization and called bread - simply made from flour. Bread has long been a staple of poor workers. Carts and bakeries are everywhere on the streets of Vietnam, offering people a delicious, simple, but nutritious diet.

Since the 1950s, Vietnamese bread can be found in overseas Vietnamese student and immigrant communities. Located in District 13, Paris, Hoa Nam's self-service restaurant for many years has been selling bread wrapped in wax paper, although the trend of bread today must be Bobo like the starboard side of the Seine, the type of bread like Saigon Sandwich or Bulma.

The story follows after 1975, followed by the mass migration of Vietnamese who brought bread into the world. Shortly afterward, the refugees in the United States opened Vietnamese restaurants, bakeries, and boutiques, offering all the dishes from their homeland - including bread - for their compatriots and food. curious American guests. The CEO of Hodo Mung Bean Company in Oakland, Mr. Minh Tsai, said that bread was quickly considered a "bargain" because Americans always thought that Vietnamese food was delicious but not expensive. Pho and Vietnamese dishes have also become popular throughout the United States.

"It's all thanks to cheap labor," said Steve Do, a Vietnamese boat man who came to the United States in the 1980s, who has achieved financial success by engaging in real estate and technology stocks. network - tell. "I lived with bread making during my time in high school and college, and I know a few other houses," he told me. "Families working together at a bakery are a way to reduce labor costs. Even teenagers work after school to help support the family. Often these shops hire no one but the people." When the Vietnamese first arrived, they did it while still receiving government subsidies. That's how refugees are. And they lived. "

So I hope, if bread is still a popular street food in Vietnam today, let's not forget that overseas Vietnamese have made it famous and shined around the world.

"If there is a Lee's Sandwiches bakery that corresponds to each McDonald's, the world will be better," said Cathy Chaplin, author of the book "A Guide for Food Lovers on a Visit to Los Angeles." multiply.

The culinary culture of Vietnamese people has transcended borders and ethnic groups to become popular. What once belonged to Vietnamese immigrants now belongs to the world. That is the natural progression, I think, of globalization. Bread, pho, spring rolls, some elements of ethnic minority culture have proven able to integrate into mainstream culture in the US and globally - similar to people. I believe, my grandfather is also satisfied in heaven.

Andrew Lam
Chi tiết