Businessman epidemic era

Kindness is not instinct but choice. Choosing to be kind in times of rebellion is not easy.

Naturally, when there is a pandemic crisis, the economy will be affected first, and in the economy, entrepreneurs, business owners will be the first to suffer, then the people labor.

My friends in the business world, many people now put the whole business in a state of "hibernation", lie still, do not move, breathe very quietly to save energy. There she called sadness, meeting in Europe meeting schedule was fixed, we flew to take place but partners find every reason to delay not meeting. One reason after another. Finally, they should have feared that they were flying over from an epidemic area, so they did not want to meet. The whole team must eventually return to zero. Her company in the country has a schedule of experts to train, train, and transfer technology, but now they give up and cancel. No expert wants to go to the country, but when they return, they are forced to isolate the community for 14 days. The agency meetings, the annual customer conferences, staff meetings, annual training, all are canceled and postponed indefinitely.

Analysts believe that of the 23 economic sectors listed on the stock market, only 4 are less affected, even positive, pharmaceutical, electricity, clean water and information technology. believe. On the contrary, up to 10 industries are moderately affected and 9 sectors are deeply affected.

The first affected industries are services, tourism, hotels, food and beverage, transportation and transportation, and then the manufacturing, processing and manufacturing industries. The hotel is deserted, where unfortunately, it becomes a quarantine area for patients, the restaurant is empty, empty, the seller is watching each other yawning and yawning, the plane has only a few passengers on a flight. carrying capacity for hundreds of people.

But the nature of entrepreneur is very quick, good at turning around. Therefore, when the environment changes, their brains and senses immediately signal, search, sniff out the opportunities that exist, even develop on the sudden change.

That explains that the cafes sell more water to wash their hands and masks, the restaurants are promoting more side dishes, sometimes promoting the main dish to draw customers to, there are more seafood restaurant for promotion. whole salmon four dishes, if you set a table of 5 people.

Some pharmacies have started to wash their hands, masks sold to increase prices to make a profit, people come to the drugstores to buy high prices, turned out not to buy, there was a network of unofficially provided heaven and earth. dedicated service from all kinds of handwashing liquid, strange masks, never heard of the famous popular type.

This is when the supernatural stories are brought out from not letting the throat dry, drinking abc water, avoiding the virus to the superhuman xyz herbs to improve the immune system. Telling thrilling, high-contrast, introductory and sometimes unprecedented endings, but with a great deal of trust from users, the product has always been the specialty of businessmen but disease crisis, this gift is maximized. Europe is also the measures to improve the immunity of their trades to survive. But in fact most of those jobs were harshly condemned.

So, what is the border between doing business based on acceptable environmental change and excessive profit-taking actions based on circumstances? That is where business ethics reign. You create added value for products and services to bring customers to you very differently than you create every way including spreading false information to create fear to force customers to come to you and then hoard the goods, push the price for profit. That is immoral action.

But in the pandemic there are other classes of entrepreneurs, there are people who even forget that they are entrepreneurs to do what they say are "carrying prisons and sums". One of my friends in the first two weeks of the disease, he collected tens of thousands of masks for free to the people, another friend who just opened a pharmaceutical factory immediately moved the whole line. production of hand sanitizer to provide free distribution. When we came to the issue of buying free hand sanitizer, he said we did not pay for the material but were too tight to cover the bottle. So we turned all around to find the bottles, because the border was closed, the supply of plastic bottles from China was virtually stopped, but luckily we finally managed to turn around. Sweating the sweat flowing down his face in the middle of the cold winter day, he smiled brightly, now only hoping the "guy" of the winery does not die suddenly and his brothers finish their work for everyone.

Having a friend in the media industry, he stood up to create a group of friends to fight against fake news on social networks. Linked to a journalist who has now moved to work in the media department of the Ministry of Health, all the latest and most timely information has been transferred to the prestigious brothers on social media network. promptly to the community. Do not let fake news confuse people.

And the publisher has released a virus prevention manual, a digital version that can be shared with everyone, completely free of charge. They keep rushing forward as if behind them is not their business with hundreds of people also need to eat, need to live, need income, as if they are social workers only have to back to work. for the community.

A lot of other people consider that not doing work of unkindness, sharing with each other and spreading only kindness and optimism is a contribution. My friend, who flies a lot in business class, gave me a big, sympathetic smile when the flight attendant had only one bottle of water and a wet towel. times instead of a hearty meal like always. Friends and suppliers all voluntarily discounted and shared difficulties with the affected service industries. A tourist company specializing in taking tourists on Ha Long Bay, the number of international tourists suddenly decreased by 60%, the brothers before Tet are profitable, now a loss. Luckily, the ship owner voluntarily discounted more than 50% for the charter company. He said it's difficult for me, I am difficult, we share to overcome this moment.

Kindness is the choice. And those who have chosen self-deprecation never consider the worms that sorrow the soup, the worms choose to stand on the other side of kindness (and in the end, these people are not worthy of being called entrepreneurs). , cannot be considered businessmen). They know how to overcome difficulties sometimes when they forget about themselves and personal circumstances. And so they are businessmen, entrepreneurs of the epidemic era.

Pham Vu Tung