Dragon bread

“I went to the West for business, saw the ripe dragon fruits filled with fields, read the newspaper that farmers could not sell due to corona virus. I thought about trying to make dragon fruit bread. ”

That is the confession of Kao Sieu Luc - a person long known as the "Bread King" of Saigon. Perhaps in this world, no one has made dragon fruit bread.

Late last Saturday afternoon, I received a strange gift: Two thick white solemn cardboard boxes, delivered by assistant Kao Sieu Luc to the door. The assistant said: "Humming, seeing the situation of dragon fruit is difficult, Mr. Luc focused on researching and decided to experiment with that dragon fruit. This is the first batch of cakes".

I held the yellow loaf of bread, still hot, in tears. Share with some people in the house to try it. Familiar bread has tiny black seeds, a little aroma of fruit. The crust is crispy, spongy, the intestines are very flexible, fragrant, dotted with tiny particles of dragon fruit as sprinkle with black sesame. The bread taste is not sour or sweet, the smell and taste are very good. I thought to myself, today there is a trip to Can Tho to visit the culinary artisans at the beginning of the year, I must bring it to show off.

He decided to do it and also introduced the extensive way to have more bakeries to buy more dragon fruits for farmers. It was fun and unexpected that his actions were very interesting and positive by many people.

Durian, sweet potato, bird's nest, jelly are about to sign a protocol to export official quotas to China in 2020, now they have to stop because China has plague, let alone export non-quota exports. Dragon fruits are the most difficult, then jackfruit, durian, longan ...

In the midst of the plague of agricultural products due to the plague of the disease, the "Bread King" has come to the rescue of agricultural products in his specialty to increase the added value of this rich and rich indigenous resource. by processing. The creative way of entry with a decisive, quick, wrapped heart of love and quietly sharing difficulties with farmers has inspired many other professionals.

"Last year, there was a program to rescue dragon fruits in the early summer, I bought about 150kg to make wine. This year, dragon fruits were saved earlier because of the epidemic, so even though they were busy, they spent two days to handle more than 200 kg", culinary artist Bui Suong told me. She said, "I love my peasant friend so much".

In fact, while the fruit was heavily congested at the border gate, the local authorities wanted to intervene to support and it was not easy. I attended two meetings of the two Departments of Industry and Trade and found that the situation was very strict in that, in addition to the supermarket bought by the movement, enthusiastic processing enterprises were also difficult to participate in the end because they did not have a ready market. can not consume processed fruits that can only process, process with very soft price, even help does not. Intervening in the middle, there is only one way is to convince consumers to "respect", buy and eat.

This year, a number of young people, according to their expertise, quickly found a way to "rescue" farmers. Hiep Thanh Company often sells micro-fertilizers to farmers who have a quick solution, survey the current situation and needs in Long An, from there, analyze for farmers the situation, advise on how to take care, create fruits later rather than leaving them ripe or removed. Farmers will harvest and nourish the trees and ask the Vietnam High Quality Business Association to connect processors and distributors.

As for the farmer Nguyen Lam Vien, who has directly cultivated, purchased, and processed products of farmers for decades, he is also discussing with his friends to implement a solution that, according to him, is the basis, from the corner. agribusiness, both domestic and export markets. According to him, the problem of the current agricultural business is that the preservation and processing stages are still weak.

Mr. Vien proposed that each province set up a center for classifying, preserving, preliminarily processing and processing key agricultural products of its province. If you want to trade with Chinese people, you should set up a trading company to deal with them. Trading companies have capital, market information, and negotiation skills will negotiate on behalf of farmers to buy, predict problems and risks. Absolutely should not let traders in China or other countries arbitrarily come to the garden, meet farmers, give virtual prices that make farmers gullible, wait for prices and then be forced, deceived. When they "disappear" then, if they want to help farmers, the government can only intervene at the "tops" very late.

People of a trading company who know the quality of the fruit they will sell or order will also have a way to guide farmers to change their current precarious, adventurous ways. They will also know how to organize the preliminary processing and then resell it on demand, and of course get the price, to the processing companies. Whoever does it. Difficulties are full but with the right way, the authorities and businessmen and farmers agree to raise the value of agricultural products gradually. When prices are good, Chinese traders are not overturned, they will change themselves and change.

This view only dares to discuss the current story of "rescuing" agricultural products with the mind of some entrepreneurs, while "rescuing" the agriculture that is gradually in the direction of "outsourcing", it must be a Other system solutions. And no matter what, the most important thing is not to change the seeds, renovate the fields, fix each specific policy, but rather replace the head for agricultural economics.

Vu Kim Hanh