If love falls down

I want to tell you about an anonymous love story, let you believe with me that love is absolutely true in the world.

In 2017, I found a character for my talk with the topic "Virtual Love". Despite calling "Virtual Love", couples get acquainted and fall in love with each other online, but passion and pain are real. I needed a courageous and fierce female character to step out of the chat window to start dating in real life, and she received a truly worthy love. In many self-referral messages sent, there are Th.

Th. 'S love, as she tells it, is this: Me and my current friend are acquainted online. We meet after two weeks of chatting. I think many people don't believe in love at first sight, but I do. The first day I met him in real life, he walked up to say hello and I walked up to hug him. I loved him from then on. I love you so much.

We have known each other for 1.5 years. Love is far away again. I'm Sài Gòn, photo of Mui Ne. We also have no intention of getting married. Just love is love only. Sometimes I think I don't know when I'm tired, but I still haven't seen anything. Quarreled so much, broke up dozens of times ... then reconciled, hugged again. Children temperament, like what they do; He still looks mature, but he is hot-tempered, he scolds me very much. Photos have a lot of joy. As for you, life is a lot of worries. Just, whatever they carve, they need to hug and hug. I love him. Photos love you.

I think our story is beautiful. It is said that love is married. And I think love is just love, not necessarily married. I remember at two in the morning, it's cold, he held my hand across the park to find a place to stay. Sister, that I feel warm and absolutely confident picture. Being with him is never enough. We are still in love, I'm so grateful.

Do Th. in Sài Gòn so I couldn't invite her to join the program. I still hold the joy of knowing a beautiful love story. Even once, on the sidewalk, seeing a couple kissing under the street light, I kept thinking that it must be Th. and so would her boyfriend if I met him in real life - drunk and shining.

Go away, until early February of this year. I shared on the personal page the love letter of the philosopher André Gorz to his beloved wife, when she was 82 years old and spent years fighting cancer. That woman still welcomes life day by day with a hopeful heart. That loving and grateful love letter reminded Th. something, the young girl reappeared with the message: "Do you miss me? the girl has a boyfriend who is acquainted online and doesn't mind getting married. I wrote you something like this ..."

I remember, I texted Th. more than two years ago, "I wish you all the best together. Holding and hugging is a miracle."

Th. Tell what happened to her: "We will marry at the end of the year. But my boyfriend is gone. Suddenly lost. And as a great blessing, he died in my arms, while sleeping. In the last moments, how shaky I was next to him.

And really, despite my brief love, I was very happy. Understand another way, we have been together all the way. I'm so sad, sister. I miss my photos so much ".

I was shocked. How is that possible? A person must leave when they are in the brilliant years of life is extremely unreasonable. Boyfriend Th. had not been out in 49 days according to Vietnamese calculation. "He is a foreigner. I and my close friends drop him in Mui Ne beach, where he likes. Now he is" out to sea. "I hope he will be safe. I am still sad, but try to live well. Born. In the past, my friend was very optimistic and strong, so I will try. I also hope he goes to visit his mother, or go somewhere, and sometimes come back to hug me. " Th said that, she will one day appointment, when the heart is sunny, will send me a message of joy and peace of mind.

I don't know which day it was, when it came, because I didn't have any knowledge to measure the size of the pain Th. Is going through. But I'm sure the warm sunshine will return to Th. when I understand that it is my responsibility to live a happy life. My lover always wanted that. When we truly love someone, we expect them to be happy, and we try to live better than ourselves yesterday.

If you look, you will recognize the love present everywhere on the earth: on a bus, in a coffee shop, on the street, in the shabby inns, romantic roads and full of freedom, in a dark place or full of light ... Behind each love story are lives that have changed, received grace, or sadness. But even if we knew in advance that love would cause suffering, no one in this world could deny Cupid's arrow, because love comes to us as the most beautiful and wonderful gift. The gift that the recipient and the giver both find their life truly alive. I earnestly every moment of this life.

However, there are many who say that they experience a lot of "akin to love" relationships, which is followed by tiredness, humiliation, and lasting injuries; or they click their tongues into a permissive affection to later feel wasted. An old musician on the "disbelieving side of love" side told me that often people love each other for reasons other than love. Love each other just because love is rare. There are people who have never been in luck all their life Even those who are fortunate, sometimes only realize the true value of pure love, realize how saved they were at the time they had to experience bitterness and loss.

The girl is losing me. Do you know? God gives us memories so we have a commission in the cold December. I still have the rose as a saving. If love descends upon our life as a thin butterfly, from which we have eternal experience in our finite existence. And I keep on believing, love has superhuman energy, turning a boring life into a magical and splendid fairy garden, even when we have to bring pain.

Nguyen Quynh Huong