Knight reluctantly

Once, a knight let me know: "Society of many knights shows that the authorities have not played their roles".

I still silently thank and proud when talking about the hardworking and good coffee knight of his every time working with international friends. I asked about smart agriculture, the farmers couldn't answer forever, but the coffee fields he cultivated were the most productive in the world. I call someone like you a "knight".

In the Central Highlands, his garden reaches 4.5 tons of coffee plus durian income of about 35 million VND per hectare per crop. He uses a water saving system as well as always foresee the weather this year through accumulated experience, tracking information and learning over the past few years.

Unlike many countries, coffee gardens of Vietnamese farmers always grow more shade trees such as durian, avocado or pepper. The multi-tree model with one garden has been practiced in India and Vietnamese farmers have been quick to apply it. And although it is applied later than India, the income from coffee cultivation, which is much more efficient for our farmers.

Few know, for many years, Vietnamese farmers have always sold the world's leading competitive coffee because our productivity is often double or three other countries. "Vietnam is devaluing coffee when it accepts selling at the floor price of world prices, while the price in Indonesia is three times higher," one of my colleagues recently complained. I do not mind, I am secretly happy because it is smart agriculture - the destination of many countries. Sometimes smart agriculture is not the word on the air-conditioned room report, it is how farmers cultivate creativity and understanding on their land.

But apart from the coffee knight, I have many friends who are other knights. They are the silent rescuers of the agricultural products, the fetuses that are about to be demolished by young mothers, or the knights who rob. They had no expertise in becoming a Don Quijote to fight the windmill.

Every year, the agricultural industry also copes with consumption difficulties, such as squeezing lemons and knights. They, students, civil servants or small businesses are willing to spend time, effort, money, buy the same price of farmers and resell at the same price to consumers, go online to mobilize people to support farmers ...

But there are knights I know that don't feel proud. There was a "knight" who told me directly that society does not need knights to be prosperous, stable, where the authorities perform well the role they are paid. So where are the people who are qualified and assigned to deal with these things, leaving spontaneous citizens to do? This question many people have asked, many people have answered. As a result, we still have countless seasonal knights, jumping into things covered by compassion.

A friend of mine wondered why Vietnam did not build B2B electronic trading platforms (business to business) or B2C (business with consumers) for agricultural products like many countries. I have witnessed a regional organization building B2B exchanges for Vietnamese coffee production cooperatives connecting with buyers around the world. As a result, the exchange has almost no operations by "unrequited love". Manufacturers are excited to participate, posting sales information, but buyers are indifferent because they already have familiar supply channels with stable quality and committed price. They do not want to be at risk when choosing a new, unconfirmed supplier of quality, prestige or logistics capabilities when packaging, shipping and exporting.

That is, no matter what the idea, Vietnam's agricultural disease still has to be rooted. Assuming that a modern agricultural product trading floor is opened for Vietnam, will watermelons, garlic, litchi, shrimp and fish meet the criteria for export to European, Japanese and American markets? The answer is almost certainly "no". The rescued agricultural products can only be sold domestically and to the very easy-going market of China through quota trading. Looking ahead, when the country tightens tighter import, the film "rescuing agricultural products" is also thinner.

I love the image of the childhood romantic Don Quijote, but I always hope that our society will be free of knights and Luc Van Tien, because all the authorities are really effective. For example, with agricultural products, it is when the research institutes come up with varieties suitable to the soil, weather and especially market demand; policy makers, agricultural and commercial managers predict the demand for each year, each season and give specific recommendations and guidance to farmers before each crop; functional people know how to connect to appropriate consumption places. And farmers will change their attitude, practice ethical farming, focusing on quality and reputation of the product.

And while still relying on a buyer to wait for the bail to rescue with pity, the pride of a sun and two fogs of production for the whole society will be eroded. Does the day, the knight disappeared, and farmers are confident: Thank you, we do not need rescue!

Tran Ban Hung