Unexpected vacation

During the past weeks, social media has been fueling a debate about whether or not students should stop school to avoid the epidemic. "Join the war" consists of two main factions: the one who can look after the children and the one who has no one to look after.

In my area, each person has a scene. Hoai works at Dat Cuoc industrial park, Binh Duong. At 6 pm, she rode the motorbike all the way back to her grandmother's house to pick up her child. Her mother was normally unwell and had to look after her two grandchildren, now her father is three more. Ms. Thanh is an accountant at a gas station. For the past two weeks, she had to take two daughters to work every day from seven in the morning, while looking after her children at the same time. Fortunately, the boss also sympathized. There is no gas station area uncomfortable for children, no play area, no place to nap, the two children are haggard, tired, not as refreshing as the time when picking up from the teacher.

Ms. Thanh and Ms. Hoai also have foster grandparents or can take their children to work, An's family does not have both options. They have to take turns taking unpaid leave to keep the two children. They are just three of the families around me, with millions of other families with school-age children going through stressful and tiring days. There are people who can arrange, but there are also really difficult families, especially the parents who are workers or in concentrated environments, business services, administrative work ... Having turned off in the company, only the school is the only place to trust to send children, now more and more urgent.

Opponents to the holiday said: "Well, whatever, tired, poor, but children safe." Someone said the amount of knowledge a given school year, before the next school, "nothing to twist". There are also parents who take the surprise vacation as an opportunity to get close to their children despite a significant reduction in income. "Children grow up very quickly, a few years to play they do not even bother," a mother said. But there were also many who strongly protested against the record-breaking New Year holiday, when the life was passive and upside down, "teachers are still on pay, and my children are left unattended."

As both a teacher and a parent of preschool children, like many other parents, I also breathless. I let the four-year-old boy go to the meeting hall, make records, and work with colleagues on the school, cleaning, disinfecting the school. We know that after this vacation, the work will be twice as hard when students forget a lot of knowledge. Taking too long breaks makes it difficult for children to resume their study, the time for make up will be very hard for both teachers and students if the school year lasts until June or July because of the hot weather. Imagine that the normal classroom building that had been caught in the intense sunlight would be even more terrible in the summer, I felt great.

With this school year, being suddenly caught in an unexpected vacation will surely make parents, teachers and students more difficult. Not to mention other effects. My cousin Quynh, a teacher of a private preschool, is facing the risk of unemployment. The owner of the school said that he could not afford the cost of the premises and taxes while not having any revenue, so the teacher had to take some time off. And there are many private schools, young private groups are looking to transfer to end losses.

Even in a group rescuing vegetables online, I thought it was irrelevant, but I found out that this vegetable was grown by a farmer who specializes in providing meals for schools, closing hours, dull vegetables. , you are threatened with losing all your capital. Fortunately, I see people buying a lot of support.

The lives of millions of families have been and will be greatly reversed during this "record Tet holiday" this year. More tired, more expensive is inevitable.

The debate will continue, but I understand the reason for the decision to leave school. We adults, even out of the house, have a sense of self-defense for ourselves and our family. Students are different, preschool and elementary children are too small, unable to ensure safety in the environment of eating, sharing, sleeping together. Middle and high school students are very active, naughty and even reckless according to their age psychology, how to ban them from communicating and chatting? How to make them always stand one to two meters apart? College students come from many regions, moving a lot is also at risk. And more importantly, going to school with the psychology of fear will certainly reduce the effectiveness of the study. There is no perfect solution for everyone at the moment.

The question that I, as a teacher, is getting a lot at this moment: Does the long break between long and long nights affect children in general and students at all levels?

I think the influence is inevitable, because the sudden and long interruption of knowledge will make both teachers and students very hard when returning to school, rummaging through memory and words. Moreover, the summer climate in our country is too hot and dry, easily tired, not suitable for studying. Not to mention the mentality of summer holidays that will make students forget about the book lights. However, we told each other, the problem can be solved. To avoid students forgetting knowledge, some schools now use online teaching. Teachers hand over papers to students and accept online submission. Students and teachers in many places still stay connected through groups.

What worries many people is the important exam at the end of the year or transition, especially the national high school exam. But if the Education Department had a plan to extend the school year, they would have a plan to delay the time to organize exams to match the academic progress. I believe any difficulty can be overcome, only the human being is the most important factor. Learning is an endless journey, as long as we are healthy, we have a life to learn. Because all we need is the quality of education, health and lives of millions of students, not any other achievement.

But there are other questions we and our parents cannot answer. It is a school sanitation problem. After the epidemic, did the status quo change? The bottles of disinfectant water, handwash, or masks will be removed when the disease worries subside, and the school is safe enough for children? Are meals safe and safer? Toilets have adequate soap and toilet paper as well as convenient water for them when many schools normally do not meet this criterion; Is the classroom more sterile with the risk of disease? Has school health been improved? Time to return to school may be appropriate for managers to think about these questions.

I just laughed at the state that my students wrote: "The first time history witnessed students begging to go to school", "please send us to school" ... I, like you, missed. school, miss class, crave to meet familiar faces.

Pham Minh Phuong Hang